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CO2 leakproof system

Hola a todos!
I mentioned this system some digest ago.. It's simple and cheap: Try to
find a IV solution system, or blood donor system.. It is (usually) a
bag, with lines, a drop counter, a valve, and a needle. If you use a
plastic 2lt bottle, you can pinch the needle in the cap (you can use
some silicon glue if you really want to be sure) then, use the drop
counter upside down, as a reactor.. The valves are very easy to use to
regulate the bubbles in a very exact way.
Those systems are cheap and can be found at any hospital, pharmacy,
There are many models and types.. use your imagination!
(To use the drop counter as a reactor, you should cut the bottom parts
to open a considerable surface)

question.. My 30 liters aquarium is beeing covered with a dark green
hair algae.. the SAE don't like it.. and it is covering everything.. aNY
solution? (I stopped fertilizers and and CO2.. and changing water every
5 days)

Sorry about only-plants readers.. anyone want's to change killis eggs? I
have wild Cynolebias and their eggs..
Mail me directly!
Jerome, from Buenos Aires!