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Re: SAEs and such

When I got the fish home, and under close inspection, from the 10, I have 2 
siamese flying foxes (blah!!), 4 false siameneses (same family as SAEs but 
having 4 barbels instead of 2) and 4 SAEs!  But the funny thing is that when
quarantined all 10 of the fish, all 10 ate algae - green, brush, black and

So there,  that's my 2 cents worth,

Rodney Dorville

Rodney, I'm glad you posted your story. I thought I was just being a victim
of a dumb pet store owner. I from time to time frequent a rather well known
fish store here in Baltimore. I was recently in search of some SAEs to
enlarge the school I have. I never saw any till a few weeks ago. When the
clerk showed me the tank I noticed that the were Flying Foxes not SAEs. The
manager had read the Lisa and Neal article but I guess it hadn't registered.
Anyway he asked me for a description and low an behold he took to about 5
tanks and to make a long story short I came home with 2 SAEs. Moral of the
story If you only see Flying Foxes look at the entire tank there may be a few
treasures in there.

shi-ten gan-xie
Best to you......

Ric Cooney
RicCooney at AOL_COM

"I don't give a damn for a man that can only spell a word one way." Mark