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Just SAE stuff, what else

Date: Tue, 10 Jun 1997 08:48:45 -0600
From: George Booth <booth at hpmtlgb1_lvld.hp.com>
Subject: Re: What exactly are SAE's?

> Absolutely not. E. siamensis can get aggressive and territorial when
> older and, AFAIK, don't eat black algae.    

Nonono.  E. siamensis is just the old name for C. siamensis.  They
both mean SAE.  You are probably thinking about flying fox,
E. kalopterus.

Date: Tue, 10 Jun 1997 12:32:32 -0400 (EDT)
From: BobFenner at aol_com
Subject: Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #762

> Yes, unfortunately common monikers are just that; "pretty loose" and way too
> colloquial. The many minnow species of the genus Crossocheilus are labeled as
> SAE's, acronym for Siamese algae eaters, as is THE (wow that's big) "flying

Are they?  I think that just Crossocheilus siamensis is labeled (or at
least should be labeled) as SAE, and the rest of Crossocheiluses donīt
have any common names at least in aquarium trade.  They are so seldom
for sale, and I haven't ever heard anything about their algae eateing

> see to Petru M. Banarescu, A review of the species of Crossocheilus,
> Epalzeorhynchos and Paracrossocheilus (Pisces, Cyprinidae), Travaux Du Museum
> D' Histoire Naturelle "Gregore Antipa" v. 28, 1986, pp. 141-161 for more. And
> my usual admonitions re using "just" common nomenclature and misgivings re

Do you have that review, Bob?  Could I get a copy of it, please?

Date: 11 Jun 97 22:21:00 WAT
From: Rodney Dorville/EC/SP_SF <RDORVILL at sp_ac.sg>
Subject: Re: SAEs and such

> Flying foxes.  Now of the flying foxes available (we call in Fei Hu in 
> Chinese which literally means Flying Fox), they showed me tanks and tanks 
> of them.  

Oh, I sure would love to see those tanks !

> can either get the Indonesian variety ( In-do-ne Fei Hu) or the Siamese 
> variety (Thai-kwok Fei Hu).  Apparently, the Siamese variety is the more 
> striking one with the gold band above the black stripe being prominant 
> after adult-hood and 

It sounds to me that Twai-kwok Fei Hu is flying fox, Epalzeorhynchus
kalopterus and In-do-ne Fei Hu perhaps false siamensis (Garra something
or Crossocheilus something, perhaps Garra cambodiensis?)

> When I got the fish home, and under close inspection, from the 10, I have 2 
> siamese flying foxes (blah!!), 4 false siameneses (same family as SAEs but 
> having 4 barbels instead of 2) and 4 SAEs!  But the funny thing is that 
> when I quarantined all 10 of the fish, all 10 ate algae - green, brush, 
> black and red!!

SAE is also called "Siamese flying fox", so you probebly mean "common"
flying fox (also known as Thai flying fox) here with that first species?
And yes, false siamensis eats sometimes red algae too, but normally
only when it is starving.  I bet that your false s. and flying foxes
will stop munching red algae after you have moved them away from the
quarantine and they have figured out how tasty flake food is :-)