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Re: PMDD supplies

     I get KNO3 and K2SO4 from a hydroponics company in Portland, Light 
     Manufacturing Company, http://www.litemanu.com, or 1-800-669-5483.  
     They will sell any amount, and I remember buying a pound of each for 
     about $3-$4/pound.  I believe shipping costs as much as the chemicals.
     MgSO4 is available from any drug/grocery store.  Cheap.
     Trace elements are hard to get, and when my supply ran out I tried 
     using Aquarium Pharmaceutical's Aquatic Plant Stimulant.  It has all 
     six trace elements called for in the PMDD recipie.  I use the Aq. 
     Phar. recommended dosage, and I haven't noticed any difference between 
     it and the "real" mix.  You can get this at Home Depot, in the pond 
     section.  A 16 oz. bottle costs $9, and it treats 9,600 gallons.
     $20 worth of these supplies is about a three year supply for my 90 
     gallon aquarium.