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Re: Leaking DIY CO2

Jim C. wrote:

>The answer that works for me, is to get the plastic tube that is used
>in feeding air to an undergravel filter, it is about 1/4 inch.  Drill a
>hole intothe cap of the bottle, the same size as the tubing.  Put the
>tubing inabout one inch below the cap and I seal this with hot
>glue(stick) gun, using the heavy duty sticks.  The seal holds up
>over a year so far and this is where I found that my leaks were
>coming from.

There's an even easier way that uses no sealent at all.  Use the
silicone airline tubing that they sell in most aquarium shops (it is
usually a translucent blue or green).  Drill a hole that matches the
*inside diameter* of the tubing (3/16").  Force the tubing into the
hole and pull it through with needle-nosed pliers until there are no
puckers or pleats visible in the tubing, then trim it off so that it
protrudes about 1/4" below the cap.  The tubing expands to fill the
hole perfectly.  This works better with larger caps, such as those that
come on the 2-liter size plastic juice bottles.


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