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Re: Are Plant Bubbles Really O2?

Paul Chapman wrote:

> 1.  The bubbles really were O2 and were produced by algae covering my
> plants.
> 2.  The bubbles were really CO2 coming out of solution, much like those
> bubbles you see inside a tall, cold glass of Budweiser.

I think 2 is very unlikely because CO2 is very soluable in water.  If this is
the case, your reactor will have trouble dissolving the CO2 in the water
in the first place.  An easy way to check if the bubble is O2 is by
observing the bubbling when you turn the lights off.  If the bubbling
stops, the bubbles are O2 coming from photosynthesis.

As for the growth part.  I can wild guess two other possibilities.  First,
you may not be giving your plants enough other nutrients that are needed for
growth.  Second, you may not have a long enough dark cycle for the plants
to grow.