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Re: Fish Overboard

> Subject: Fish Overboard!
> > > Does anyone have any ideas on how to prevent the intake tube of my =
> > > Fluval canister from constantly pulling in plants(snip)

> I have a related question.  Does anyone have a handy method of keeping fry
> and small fish (Ottos and neons mostly) from going overboard though the
> "UUUUU" shaped slots in the trickle filter overflow box?(snip) 


Try 1/4" hardware screen.  It can be cut and bent easily and if shaped into
an upside-down "U" will fit the skimmer box slotted areas.  Taken a step
further the front of the screen material can be bent outward and then back
to form a pocket between the screen and the slots.  I have used this material
for many years and it has saved many little fish.  If you need alittle more
help email direct.

Karl Schoeler