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Eric Wahlquist <ewahlquist at mijcf_org> asked:

>I'm using a 2 liter plastic bottle with clear 1/4 tubing coming out of
>the cap and sealed with silicon. It is trapped under a clear plastic cup
>I have lodged under my filter intake. I was hoping to see the bubbles go
>into the reactor at the rate I've read about, but have yet to see any
>activity that lasts longer than a very short day.
>Is this normal? When I did all the reading, it seemed that a mix should
>be bubbling for a few weeks at least.  What am I doing wrong? Do you add
>yeast to a mix that has stopped doing anything? (I haven't had much luck
>with sourdough starters either.)  Is it the yeast? What exactly is the
>mix supposed to do in the big bottle? Is there a way to tell if it is
>doing anything? Do you add flour? more yeast? more sugar? If no bubbled
>are going into the reactor in the tank, am I right in assuming nothing
>is happening?

You probably have a leak. I've been very dissapointed in the amonia curing
based silicone sealants, they don't seen as good as the older acetic acid
curing based sealants. If you can smell yeast at the bottle cap, it's
probably leaking. The brew is reasonably foolproof and they always last at
leat two weeks.