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Well I am trying to figure out why my apisto got dropsy, I did some water
tests. My ph from my tap, which is what i use for my tanks, reads 7.0-7.2
My tanks read 6.6-6.8. The one tank is bare bottom, with 1 apisto mom and
20 fry. I feed babe brine, cleaany debris on the bottom daily. I alos do a 
10% water change every day, which is one gallon. The power filter carbon
has been replaced about 1 week ago.
	My 30g planted tank is about the same ph. I do 10 gallons
of water change per week on that one, usually 5 gallons every 
Wednesday and Saturday. Now that does have a clay substrate with
3 inchs of gravel on top, but i dunno  if thats why its maybe acidic.
Now I can see the plant tank being acidic as I do DIY Co2, but
not the fry tank.	
	Anyone have any idea why my tap is 7.0+ and my tanks are
6.6+. Oh well just asking some questions. Thanks. Also, anyone have plans
for a rack system??

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