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Re: Natural Algae Control

Eng Chuah wrote, June 10
>Subject: Re: Vol. 02 #756  ext Natural Algae Control
>>     Paul K queried that the plant I am using is Anachris Canadensis; I
>>am not 100% sure that it is so;as
>> you have suggested it could be Elodea sp. I will have to wait till it
>>flowers before I pursue the identification................

It should be possible to determine if it is the old Anacharis (now named
Eigeria densa) or one of the Elodeas.  Eigeria is much larger, and the
width of a shoot is usually 1/2 inch to 1 inch, measuring from leaf tip
across the stem to the opposite leaf tip.  Elodea is much smaller, being
around 1/4 to 1/3 inch.

Paul Krombholz                  Tougaloo College, Tougaloo, MS  39174, in
cool Jackson, Mississippi, where we had four inches of rain last night.