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solution? or prevention?

Hi all!
I was very busy this week! I had the honor of seting up a tank for the
Emperor of Japan, during is visit to Argentina.. I planted a 50 gal (200
liters aprox.) with more than 8 species of Cynolebias.. I think I did a
great job. Most important newspapers mentioned my tank as the most
special gift to the Emperor!! Wow!
BTOH, I am having problems with my 30 liters tank.. I know all about
prevention on algae growing, however, now I have a kind of algae that my
SEA won't eat, and it is covering almost anything. I tseems like dark
green hair, hard to remove by hand.. Should I start over again? I have
nice plants there and I don't want to loose them! First, I need a
solution, next, I'll review my prevention mesures.