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>Subject: DIY CO2

>I feel like a have a stupid question but I've become stumped in my
>attempts to create a satisfactory yeast mix for my DIY CO@ setup.  My
>first mix was @ six cups water, 2 cups sugar, 1/2 tsp yeast. It bubbled
>for about a day and then nothing, even after I shook it up for the next
>few days.  
>I'm using a 2 liter plastic bottle with clear 1/4 tubing coming out of
>the cap and sealed with silicon. It is trapped under a clear plastic cup
>I have lodged under my filter intake. I was hoping to see the bubbles go
>into the reactor at the rate I've read about, but have yet to see any
>activity that lasts longer than a very short day.

The original formula seems right,  the only thing I would add is a Tsp of
baking soda to extend the life of the yeast. I think the problem is the
pressure against the yeast reactor. I put a check valve inline and a Whisper
Airstone at the end into a baby food jar. that way I don't have to overcome
all that pressure before CO2 enters the jar. My 2 liter bottle lasts for
about 3 weeks.

Ric Cooney
RicCooney at AOL_COM

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