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I did it!

Hello everyone,

	Well, it's all done! :) I received my plants yesterday afternoon, and planted the tank last night. I ended up with the following plants:

- 3 Bunches of Giant Hygro
- 3 Bunches of Green Hygro
- 3 Bunches of Sunset Hygro
- 3 Bunches of Wisteria
- 5 Jungle Valisneria
- 3 Java Fern
- 3 Water Sprite
- 4 Large Amazon Swords
- 8 Cryptocorne Petchii

I ordered them from Arizona Aquatic Gardens, which I would recommend to anyone and everyone. All of the plants were in terrific condition, even though they were in transit 4 days (Thursday to Monday)... Very good stuff. All of the bunch plants were very generously bunched. At least 4 or 5 stems per bunch, and at least 6 stems per bunch of the green hygro... Really nice! Plus, the Large Amazon Swords were very LARGE! Leaves coming to the top of the tank, and laying on the surface. Great. The Jungle Val were already Jungle-Like, with leaves approx. 2 feet long. Each Java Fern plant actually was 2 plants, rubber-banded together. The Crypt Petchii are very nice, as well... The tank is very densely planted, and looks really, really great. I planted a stem or two of each bunch plant up against the glass, so I could see root growth, and they green and giant hygro are already developing roots, just after 1 day of being planted... Very impressive! I have yet to receive the fertilizer (!
Flourish) from MOPS... I called them today, and said that it should be here Friday... I only sent in my order 2 weeks ago! :) Well, anyways, I am quite pleased with the plants from Arizona Aquatic Gardens, and I am quite pleased with how my tank turned out! Now, the only thing I need to do is give everything some time... :)