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Re: Vol. 02 #756 ext Natural Algae Control

>     Paul K queried that the plant I am using is Anachris Canadensis; I am not 100% sure that it is so;as 
> you have suggested it could be Elodea sp. I will have to wait till it flowers before I pursue the identification.
>     The point about "control tanks" is a valid one.I run external ponds which serve this purpose.If the initial 
> trials show promise I shall  pursue the experiments on a more scientific basis; at present it is at 
> "observation level" only. Thanks Paul for the threads on APD. 
>     A second point that was brought up was the inhibiting factor of "plant X" on higher order plants.I have 
> not observed this aspect closely {more experiments !}.It is winter in Australia and the only plants showing 
> interest in life are the Ech Horemanii group and Apn from Mad.