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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #762

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<< I've been reading this list for about a month now and have seen numerous 
 references to SAE's (Siamese Algae Eaters). Naturally there doesn't seem to
 any pet stores local to me that have the foggiest idea of what one is, or
 yet they walk me over to the chinese algae eaters.
 I guess my question is this -- are SAE's (crosscheilis siamensis) the same
 flying fox (epalzeorinchus siamensis)? Takashi Amano states in his first
 that the "siamese flying fox" is crosscheilis siamensis.
                As Billy Shakespeare might say, "What's in a name, over?".
Yes, unfortunately common monikers are just that; "pretty loose" and way too
colloquial. The many minnow species of the genus Crossocheilus are labeled as
SAE's, acronym for Siamese algae eaters, as is THE (wow that's big) "flying
fox" Epalzeorynchos in the trade, a bunch of the areas (geographically) of
the hobby, and misidentified in notable hobby tomes (but corrected in Baensch
v.1 '96 ed.) Be all this as it may, by whatever power vested in us here, let
us agree that SAE's will be confined to the genus Crossocheilus and the less
useful flying fox will be Epalzeorhynchos. Besides the various Frank and
Sarakontu pc.s to be found in the hobby and bulletin press, pls give a look
see to Petru M. Banarescu, A review of the species of Crossocheilus,
Epalzeorhynchos and Paracrossocheilus (Pisces, Cyprinidae), Travaux Du Museum
D' Histoire Naturelle "Gregore Antipa" v. 28, 1986, pp. 141-161 for more. And
my usual admonitions re using "just" common nomenclature and misgivings re
the same.