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Re: welding geeks(wink,wink)

Kent wrote:
> I know how you feel. At my local gas place, I'm known as "that guy who uses
> it on his fish tanks". They always look sort of amused with me. And they're
> probably wondering what I'm *really* doing with the stuff.

Let me tell you about an amuseing experience I had at my welding store. 
I had been having a problem with a leak in my CO2 system and had drained
a "new" tank in about 2 wks and needed a refill/exchange.  Upon going
into the supply store I asked for a fill and the clerk complied by bring
out an exchange bottle.  As he rang me up he asked what I was doing with
the stuff and I told him I was fertilizing my aquarium with it.  When he
heard that he got a kind of "yeah right" smirk on his face but did not
say anything.  I was a little confused but did not ask.  A couple weeks
later I went back for some stuff (actual welding things) and he asked if
I needed a fill.  I told him I should not need one for a long time
because I had found the leak and used very little gas.  The clerk then
said that I must actualy be useing the CO2 for the tank.  My reaction
was probably a really comical "what?!!" expression because he laughed
and said that a couple guys used to come in and get two 50#ers filled
every 2 wks or so.  Aparently they had a backyard greenhouse (probably
very well concealed) and aquarium plants aren't the only plants that do
well with extra CO2, they had a thrifty business going until the cops
raided the place and burned the "crop".

I can see it now... "honestly officer it really IS watersprite your dog
must just be thursty" ;)

Bjorn Straube