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Re: revitalizing DIY CO2

At 4:21 -0400 6/7/97, Aquatic Plants Digest wrote:
Christopher Clubine <cclubine at yorku_ca> asked:

>rather than replacing a whole mix of yeast, water, sugar and baking soda,
>in a 2 liter bottle, is there some way that I can revitalize the mixture,
>say by adding a little more yeast to get another week out of th mixture?
>what should I add to get another week out of my mix? - CCI

Try adding a teaspoon or two of whole wheat flour. I theorize that sugar
water brews are low in nutrients, and these are largely suppllied in the
original yeast that is added to start the mixture. I added flour to a
depleted brew, and it perked right up. New brews with flour require no
powdered yeast to start, just a few ounces of the previous brew to
innoculate the mixture. When I tried to innoculate a plain sugar-water brew
this way, it did not take off and I finally added powderd yeast to get it

My data is based on observations over a year of playing with CO2 brew.
There are many other factors such as the seasonal temperature variation of
the house, that must be ruled out. I only have one tank, so I don't start
multiple bottles simultaneously. A good experiment would be to start
multiple bottles (in the same location) with different mixes on the same
day and watch how they go.


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