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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #756

On 06/07/97 at 04:21 AM, Dave W. (Aquatic Plants Digest) said:

>Calcium at 90 ppm is ridiculously high. Not only is it unnecessary
>for  the well being of the plants, but it may actually precipitate
>out of  solution at that level along with other nutrients
>(depending on the pH). 

Dave, I can't question your knowlege about plants, as you are a
foremost contributor to this list for a long time, but I can tell
you that 90 ppm is not "ridiculously high" for fish.  It is on the
order of about 5dh which is generally consider moderately soft.  And
yes it can be precipitated out of solution, but not at pHs my
cichlids will survive.

Maybe if you phrased it less aggressively it would ring truer for
many.  And aren't there a lot of fish that will die at 2ppm CaCO3?


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