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Re: Pond Plants

On 4/6/97, Jeremy Adams <adamsm at ucs_orst.edu> wrote:

>Right now the ponds and stream are lined with two layers of continous
>6mm black polyurathane plastic. The problem is that I keep developing
>leaks. I have to add new water every other day now. I amwondering if the
>plants roots are penatrating the plastic....
>	Since people have been talking so much about clay I thought I would see
>what you thought of this. What if I were to remove the plastic and
>completly cover every surface with a thick layer of clay. Would this
>reatian the water well enough? Would the plant roots penetrate it
>causing leeks or would it stay sealed? What kind of clay, if any, would
>be best for this kind of application?
>	I would appreciate any input I could get or any completly new ideas.

I would think that clay, unless fired, would leak eventually.

In Australia it's possible to buy "ponds" and "stream" connectors which 
are lightweight fibreglass shells that can be linked together. Perhaps 
something of this sort would be better than the liners or clay.

David Aiken