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Re-testing CO2 tanks

> Date: Thu, 05 Jun 1997 06:52:00 +0000
> From: Bill Ruff <bruff at lcse_umn.edu>

> Anyone buying used CO2 cylinders, be careful. The manufacture date of
> the cylinder is usually stamped right into the metal of the bottle right
> near the neck. At least in Minnesota, they must be tested every five
> years or they cannot be refilled. The testing process costs nearly as
> much as buying a new tank outright and takes several months to get back.

Hmm, that was not my experience.  It cost me something pretty small like
$10 or so to get the thing tested, and they had it back for me within a
day (hard to remember, actually, since it was back in '92... hmm... better
check that stamp).

> PS, Odd sized bottles, (not 5 or 10lb) and odd shaped cylinders are
> harder to get refilled. The most convient places are welding shops and
> they only take the standard sizes.

Fire extinguisher places are quite inexpensive.  It cost me $5 each time I
refilled my 5-lb.  And they only took about 5 minutes there, too.  Hmm...

   - Erik

Erik Olson				
eriko at wrq_com