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re: Geo Liquid

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From: jallison at livenet_net (Judi Allison)
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Subject: Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #752
Date: Thu, 05 Jun 1997 10:38:23 GMT
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>Interesting comments about flocculation. When I was at my favorite fish
>store the other day to buy gravel, the owner gave me an instruction
>sheet and a plastic bag partly filled with an iodine-colored liquid she
>called a flocculant. She said the purpose of this was to cause small
>particles to collect and either drop out or be filtered. Apparently even
>after a good pre-cleaning, gravel has enough "stuff" in it that some of
>it will suspend in the water.
>Not sure what the liquid was, but it sounds like a good thing to use to
>remove suspended clay particles floating in the water.
Has anybody used the product Geo-Liquid. Would it be termed a flocculant?
This is the first time I have heard that term.

 I have found that it seems to remove some of the gH of our water. I have
to say my fish really seem to love it, brightening up for several days
after I use it. I have also found that some fine-leaved plants seem to do
better for me since I have been using it.

BTW, thanks to all who contribute to this list, I have followed it for
several months now. I thought I knew a lot about maintaining planted
aquaria, but I have learned a lot by lurking here!

Judi Allison
Hoping Virginia Beach's coldest June on record will warm up enough to make
my pond plants happy!