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Re: Re: more red clay stuff

Mike Bishoff wrote:

>Interesting comments about flocculation. When I was at my
>favorite fish store the other day to buy gravel, the owner gave me
>an instruction sheet and a plastic bag partly filled with an iodine-
>colored liquid she called a flocculant. She said the purpose of this
>was to cause small particles to collect and either drop out or be
>filtered. Apparently even after a good pre-cleaning, gravel has
>enough "stuff" in it that some of it will suspend in the water.
>Not sure what the liquid was, but it sounds like a good thing to use
>to remove suspended clay particles floating in the water.

It sounds like it could have been potassium permanganate.  Jungle
products sells it under the name "Water Clear" or "Clear Water",
something like that. It supposedly removes suspended iron from the
water column.  For us it might be more useful as a plant dip.

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