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plant fertilizer compatibility

>I just set up a new 40 gallon tank full of plants and have a fertilizer 
>question.  I used Duplarit G in the substrate, and will add Duplaplant 
>tablets and Duplagan with water changes.  Question is:  which liquid daily 
>fertilizer to use?  I have been using Kent's, but I don't like it that 
>much.  Even small amounts seem to instantly (within 24 hours) cause algae 
>breakouts.  The current choices are:  stay with Dupla and use the 
>Dupladrops.  Second choice is Tropica Master Grow, which gets rave reviews 
>on the net and elsewhere; it is also cheaper.

I wouldn't, off hand, blame Kent.  Your approach to fertilization is
faulty.  Tropica Mastergrow is a _complete_ micronutrient supplement.
(although not a daily dosing product) Although I have no experience with
the product, I believe Kent is also.  You are mixing it with two products
that are part of a fertilization _system_. (Duplaplant tablets and
Duplagan)  You need to either stop using the Duplaplant tablets and
Duplagan, or START using their drops.  Dupla fertilizers must be used
together to cover all nutrient needs.  

While I can't speak for the Kent product, I have used both the Dupla system
and Tropica Mastergrow with great success.  I _slightly_ prefer the Tropica
product with my specific water conditions, but would happily go back to the
Dupla products if Mastergrow was not available.