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Re: Cobalt & B12

Andrew Inniss wrote, June 4:

>Subject: Some ?s on PMDD Modifications (addendum)
>        I forgot to include in my last post a couple of other points: one,
>I seem to recall that there is some kind of biochemical interplay between
>Cobalt and B 12, but the exact nature of this interaction escapes me.
>Could someone refresh my memory?

Cobalt is a necessary part of the vitamin B12 molecule.  B12 is not known
to be needed by plants, but nitrogen fixing bacteria and many animals are
known to need it.

>        Also, I was wondering whether anyone has tried substituting some
>Calcium Nitrate for some of the Potassium Nitrate.  In some areas (here in
>Seattle, and in my other home in B.C)., the water is very soft, and some
>Calcium loving plants, such as Swords (and Duckweed <g>) might suffer a Ca
>deficiency in the absence of Ca fertilization.  CaNO3 -- hope
>that's right sorry, no periodic table handy -- is readily available, and
>relatively inexpensive, at least in agro grade.

I have used a solution called Hoagland's solution that has both calcium
nitrate and potassium nitrate (as well as potassium phosphate and magnesium
sulfate).   It works very well and supplies all the macronutrients.
>        Could someone explain the role of inositol and choline in aquatic
>plants?  I notice that Flourish includes them.

Inositol and choline have no known role in plant nutrition, but they may be
included in some nutrient solutions for some other reason, such as to keep
some of the other mineral nutrients in solution longer.

Paul Krombholz                  Tougaloo College, Tougaloo, MS  39174,