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Re: more red clay stuff


>>>Now for some more theory.  What to do about the cloudy water.  I think the
>>>correct answer is nothing.  This is probably occurring in a tank with young
>>>water.  Leave it to age and the natural acid which accumulates in the water
>>>as it ages should cause the clay to settle all by itself.  If you can't
>>>wait, increase your CO2 fertilization slightly to drive the water slightly

>>>k5vkq at ix_netcom.com

Interesting comments about flocculation. When I was at my favorite fish
store the other day to buy gravel, the owner gave me an instruction
sheet and a plastic bag partly filled with an iodine-colored liquid she
called a flocculant. She said the purpose of this was to cause small
particles to collect and either drop out or be filtered. Apparently even
after a good pre-cleaning, gravel has enough "stuff" in it that some of
it will suspend in the water.

Not sure what the liquid was, but it sounds like a good thing to use to
remove suspended clay particles floating in the water.

But for sure, it did *not* remove the tannins from the new piece of
aquarium-approved driftwood I stuck in the tank the other day. Nice
reddish-tan color that I hope goes away soon.

mbishoff at excell_com