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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #750

	Here's my $.02 worth on the SAE debate. I'm the guy who nuked my 29 
gallon with the antibiotics a couple of months ago. I planted an amazon 
sword, corkscrew and crytal val. The tank has been recovering very 
nicely. I have about a half dozen Yucatan mollies in it.
	About 2 weeks ago I noticed an outbreak of beard algae. It was 
growing on the filter uptake tube and the dead leaves on the vals and 
seemed to be slowly spreading. I put 4 SAEs in and hand scrapped the 
uptake tube.
	I have noticed that some of the algae on the dead leaves is 
disappearing. The SAEs prefer fish food, they school and beg when I drop 
fish food in. However, as mollies also eat algae I go a little lighter on 
food in here, sometimes skipping a day or two's feeding.
	The point is, I'm not doing anything differant now with the SAEs 
in but it looks like the red algae is disappearing. I have never 
actaullly seen them eat it as every time I approach the tank they school 
in the middle looking for fish food. But I do think they are eating it.