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Re: plant fertilizer compatibility

Roxanne wrote:

>I just set up a new 40 gallon tank full of plants and have a fertilizer
>question.  I used Duplarit G in the substrate, and will add
>Duplaplant tablets and Duplagan with water changes.  Question is:
>which liquid daily fertilizer to use?  I have been using Kent's, but I
>don't like it that much.  Even small amounts seem to instantly
>(within 24 hours) cause algae breakouts.  The current choices are:
>stay with Dupla and use the Dupladrops.  Second choice is Tropica
>Master Grow, which gets rave reviews on the net and elsewhere; it
>is also cheaper.

Since you are using the other Dupla products, you may want to stick
with a straight Dupla regime.  The "Dupla 24" drops are expensive,
but are very concentrated and should last you a good long time.  In
fact I _stopped_ using the Dupla stuff for precisely the same
reason...I was getting algae outbreaks.  Maybe I'll get adventurous
and stick half a tablet in the substrate again one of these days.

If you are using the Kent's on a daily basis, you may be overdosing.
Kent's, I think, is the mildest of the mild, but if you follow the
directions on the bottle you will be adding about 20 times more than
you need:)  I only add it at water changes (weekly or biweekly).  The
whole idea of providing daily doses of iron doesn't sit right with me,
since we know that plants have the ability to stock it in their tissues.


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