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>I have a Lilaeopsis sp. in my 15gallon tank with two 15W fluorescent
>plant bulbs. It is doing well but kind of sparse. The original portion
>from the pot is still very dense and has expanded somewhat. Runners
>have spread to reach about 1/4 of the tank but each blade is about 1cm
>apart. Will cutting back the runners help it fill in? Or something else?
>Everything in the tank is doing well. I do not add CO2. I have Tetra
>Initial sticks and Tetra plant tabs in the #2 gravel substrate and I
>add a little Tetra FloraPride liquid fertilizer when the Rotala
>rotundifolia starts to go transparent.

It may be that you don't have enough light and/or Co2 for your Lillaeopsis
to fill in well.  I grow it in tanks with close to 3 w/g and supplemental
CO2, and it grows very thick.  In the shady areas beneath other plants, it
still spreads, but the growth is taller, and not as thick.