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Potassium Test!

And speaking of potassium...

A while back, Paul Krombholz wrote the following:

>This is very interesting.  I had a chemist tell me that only
>atomic absorbtion could be used because potassium didn't form
>any colored complexes.  I think it would be useful for aquatic
>plant hobbyists to be able to test for potassium as long as the
>test isn't very complex and doesn't use expensive chemicals.  I,
>for one, would be interested.  I know that Orion makes an ion
>selective electrode for potassium, but it is expensive and has a
>working life of only around 6 months.  I wonder why the vendors
>who sell environmental water chemistry test kits don't have one
>for potassium.

I was looking through the LaMotte web page yesterday, and guess
what I found?

POTASSIUM (order code 3138)
Sodium tetraphenylboron reacts with potassium to form a white
precipitate. The turbidity of the solution is proportional to 
potassium concentration which is measured in a calibrated tube.

Range:  6, 8, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 ppm K+

This range is quite high, I think, but does anyone think it's at
all useful at the low end?  I have no idea what the price is.