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Re: Some ?s on modifying PMDD

Andrew Inniss wrote:

>For instance, can I simply say "KCl is x percentage K, while
>KNO3 is y percentage K, and calculate the amount necessary for
>substitution? Or, do I need to worry about solubility
>differences, or bio-availability differences?

Well, as far as I know, it's a direct substitution.  I haven't
seen anything to the contrary.  An excellent post on dosing by
Neil Frank can be found in the April 97 posts ("Re: chemicals and
dosing", 9704/msg00070).  Also, a while back, there were some
interesting posts on KCl vs. K2SO4.  Check out the following:
  o "KCl vs K2SO4" by Neil Frank, 9604/msg00088
  o "Re: KCl vs K2SO4" by David Whittaker, 9604/msg00097
  o "Re: K2O, KCl" by Neil Frank, 9610/msg00127
  o "Re:Potassium carbonate and potassium tests"
    by Paul Krombholz, 9702/msg00023