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Alteranthera reinckii

>Anyone know the optimal conditions for Alteranthera reinckii or have a
>where their A. reinckii is growing rapidly?  
>After a clipping and replanting a month back, my A. reinckii has been
>but stagnant, whereas my other plants are growing quickly.  I'd like to
>my tank for A. reinckii for a few months until the clippings are
>and I can sell some clippings back.

Lots of light (3-4 watts per gallon), iron at  .1ppm, and an enriched
substrate: clay, laterite, plant tabs, plant sticks, etc. I had great
success with composted cow manure (don't do it, it gets a little messy :) )
It doesn't do too well if you have companion plants - it likes its own root
I suggest you pot the clippings for the above reasons. They should grow
very quickly.

Michael Eckardt
-- On average, there's nothing ---