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Re: Water Additives

Phillip Hansen wrote:
>Are the dry tab type test kits reliable and do the reagents last
>longer than liquids?

I've found that the dry-tabs take a long time to dissolve, and that the
results are difficult to read.  You may want to invest in a better
quality kit, such as the LaMotte series.  I don't know what the
regulations are concerning air transport of these "dangerous
substances" since many of the kits contain acids etc.

>Owen Jeffries who writes in FAMA is an advocate of Mark Weiss's
>Living Water Vital. Is this an additive that anyone has used and
>has positive results about?.

A word to the wise concerning water additives.  There is no magic
potion, and the less you play with those things the better.  Most are
at best unnecessary, and at worst, downright bad for your
aquarium's ecology.  Avoid the phosphate-based buffers entirely.
The only additive I trust is Duplagan, and I use it sparingly to provide
some additional potassium.  I also add a few drops of thiosulfate to
fully dechlorinate my tap water.  Since my tap water supplies
adequate nitrates, the only fertiIizer I use is Kent's Aquarium Plant
fertilizer with chelated iron and trace elements, again sparingly.

Good luck,

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