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Re: Step down transformer


A caption in "The Optimum Aquarium" book refers to a 250-watt,
42-volt Dupla transformer.  A photo also shows a molded cable
connector with "42 Volt" on it.  But the Pet Warehouse catalog
lists 100-watt and 250-watt, *24-volt* transformers.  Is this a
difference between European and American systems?  I wonder if
they use the same doggone transformer for both Europe and America
(but 240/120 does not equal 42/24)...  We need a Dupla expert to
answer this.

24-volt, 2-amp transformers are readily available at Radio Shack.
These transformers will supply a maximum of 48 watts with the
appropriate-sized cable (it would be wise to stay a tad under the
maximum rating for the sake of the transformer).  They can be
connected in parallel for more wattage.  You can also search the
APD archives for "transformer."  There's a bunch of good stuff

Rick in rainy Connecticut, where warm weather is loooong overdue.