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Re: Planting dimensions

Elam wrote June 1:

>I know that this probably sounds "anal retentive", but I'm drawing up a
>planting diagram. Before I order, though, I was wondering about the Amazon
>Swords (plain variety). How big will they get (width & depth)? Is 4 square
>inches per plant adequate? Should I allow more room? I don't want the
>plants to be "cramped", however I am going for very dense planting; the
>only open spaces will be above the driftwood, which will provide about 1
>sq. foot of open space, total.

There are three species of "Amazon" swords, amazonicus, bleheri and
parviflorus.  They all can get more than 1 foot high and shade an area of
at least 1 foot diameter. They should have at least 200 square inches.
Other species, such as osiris and uruguayensis (formerly horemanii) are
even larger.  When these large swords are planted close together they stay
small and don't look very healthy.  Remove the competition, and the
remaining one will grow rapidly and look much better.

Is there some way that you winmail users can prevent the attachment of all
that formatting data when you send to the aquatic plant digest?

Paul Krombholz                  Tougaloo College, Tougaloo, MS  39174,