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Lighting question

I finally grew frustrated with how dim the lighting was from the
6 dollar shoplight I have over my two ten gallon planted tanks.
So I went to the local Lowes home improvement superstore
(Think walmart for home improvement stuff) and grabbed an
electronic ballast.  I've installed the ballast into the shop light
and surprise... things work better... (grin)

My actual question is... Did I just do something foolhardy?
I checked to make sure the outlet is grounded well and 
that the ballast is grounded and it appears to be the
same rating as the ballast it replace, only it's electronic instead
of iron...

I'm using two 48 inch GE plant and aquarium bulbs at the moment
and as I'm only really dealing with Anachris at the moment I should be
ok... right?

Is there a lighting mailing list or is this the right place? :)