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Elam's Tank

Elam wrote:
<Some details snipped>

> - - Emperor 400 filter running without carbon, just the Biowheels, and some
> ceramic media in the media containers

This should be good for water movement, but the bio-wheels are likely to
remove too much CO2 from your tank. If you are worried about
bio-filtration, don't be. Healthy, fast-growing plants will take of that
for you. 

> - - 120 GPH powerhead, on the opposite end of the tank as the filter. Flow
> directed down the length of the tank.

I like this. Just make sure that you disturb the surface as little as

> - - DIY Co2, two bottles. One bottle will be changed every two weeks (on a
> rotation), so that constant Co2 production will be attained. Co2 will be
> bubbled into the powerhead

Into the powerhead? I don't think that is a very good idea. The CO2
needs to stay in contact with the water for a prolonged period. The
powerhead is likely to just blow it into the tank, where it will rapidly
escape to the surface without doing much good. 

> - - 4, 40w "GE Plant & Aquarium Lights"

These will probably be fine, but my personal preference would be to mix
at least 2 different bulbs in. You might want to try a Triton,
Ultra-Trilux, or a Vita-Light. At least this way, you could see which
bulbs color temp. and CRI appears to be best for you. Not all bulbs have
the same color temp, CRI's, spectral ranges, or intensities. As of yet,
no definitive "champion bulb" has been agreed upon. (and probably never
will be)   

> Fish:
> - - 3 clown loaches (Botia Macracantha)
> - - 6 bronze corys (Corydoras Aeneus)
> - - 3 Siamese algae eaters (Crossocheilus siamensis), once I can find some!
> :)
> - - A school (10-15) of small Tetras (no neons, perhaps cardinals...
> suggestions?)
> - - 2 small Discus, added after 3 or 4 months of tank "stability"
> Comments: I've already got the loaches and the corys. All I need now are
> the SAE's and the Tetras. Anyone have suggestions for some nice, small
> Tetras? The Discus come later. Anyone know where I can get the SAE's mail
> order? No luck locally.

Watch the Clown Loaches. Sometimes, they shred the new growth of Amazon
Swords. Some do, some don't. Good luck with the SAE's.

> Plants:
> - - 5 Amazon Swords
> - - 5 bunches of "Green Hygro" (Hygrophilia sp.)
> - - 5 bunches of "Wisteria" (Hygrophilia Difformis)
> - - 5 bunches of "Hygro Tropical Sunset" (Hygrophilia Polysperma)
> - - 5 bunches of "Giant Hygro" (Hygrophilia Salicifolia)
> - - 5 Water Sprite plants (Ceratopterus)

 I figured that the various species of Hygro would
> keep the algae in check, since they're "fast growers".

I suspect that Ceratopterus is going to redefine "fast grower" for you.

Happy Gardening, Pat Bowerman