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Hi Chris,

> Also, I read on one of my CO2 test kits that the KH and PH can effect how
> much CO2 can be dissolved into the water (that the plants are able to 
> use)...could someone please explain that to me?  You can e-mail me 
> directly if you want!

I don't think the statement is true with respect to dissolved levels of
CO2, at least in the ranges we deal with in our planted aquariums.  Paul
Sears stated unequivocally that the CO2 levels for a given CO2 input and
set of aquarium conditions will not vary with changes in KH and pH.  I've
verified this experimentally in my large tank.

As a practical matter, one doesn't want the KH to be too low (below 1 or 2
dKH)--otherwise the pH swings could be excessive.

Someone else will have to speak about plant utilization of CO2 at various
KH/pH levels.  I haven't noticed anything in the 2dKH - 7dKH range that I
work in.

Regards, Steve Dixon