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CO2 systems

Hi, I joined the list about 6 months ago and have learned a great deal of
info on planted tanks!  I first learned about CO2 injection on here and set
up a sugar/yeast system up on my 55gal tank.  I have been getting noticable
growth from my plants since adding CO2.  I would like to now move on with my
CO2 system by making a DIY system with a CO2 tank, needle valve and all that
good stuff!  Unfortunitly I don't know that much about that kinda stuff!
 What exactly do i need to setup a system like that?  Where do i find the
things at? and How should i hook everything up?  Also, I read on one of my
CO2 test kits that the KH and PH can effect how much CO2 can be dissolved
into the water (that the plants are able to use)...could someone please
explain that to me?  You can e-mail me directly if you want!  All responses
are greatly appreciated!

thank you,
Chris Simmons
aka...Grigg1324 at aol_com