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CO2 Injection (Yeast)

I set up my 29G Tank 4 weeks ago and started
CO2 injection (bottle, yeast, sugar ...) immediately. 
The result was absolutely amazing: All of the plants
are growing very fast with huge leafes in a high
frequency. Also, no visible algae shows up at all.
Many of the plants I had to cut 2-3 x already and replant
them so that the tank already looks like a jungle.
What I am doing to keep the CO2 in contact with the
water for as long as possible: I have a Aqua Clear
200 filter and adjusted the flow rate to minimum
(it is a big filter for my tank, anyway).
This way, the prop of the filter motor is freely
accessible from the top of the intake chamber of the
filter. So I mounted the end of the CO2 tube directly
on top of the prop so that all the bubbles get suck
into the prop (can hear it - weired noise) and end
up underneath the filter inserts where they can slowly
dissolve into the water. I think this method works very
good because it lowered my pH from 7.5 to a
value between 6.8 (morning) and 7.0 (evening).
Are there any objections to this method?
I would appreciate any comments because I am not
very experienced with CO2 injection so far.
The problem with the Yeast method is to control the
injected CO2 rate and to keep the pH stable, I think.
If the mixture one is using starts bubbling slower
it is time to start a new bottle and not to connect
it yet since it takes 1 to 3 days until it starts
bubbling (my experience so far).
One week ago I did so (immediately connecting the new
bottle which did not bubble yet) and the result was
very bad: over night the pH raised from 7.0 to 7.5
and all fish obviously felt very uncomfortalbe. Fortunately,
I had not thrown the old mixture away yet and reconnected
it again - fish felt better in the afternoon when I came
home - with a pH of about 7.1 but 2 of them I was not 
able to save - they died.
So now I am using a 2 to 1 valve being able to connect
2 bottles if one starts running out.
Is there anybody who found better solutions for injecting
and regulating CO2 with the yeast method? (As a student,
I have no money for an expensive system)

Thank you for all reply's.