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Echinodorus barthii

     << Steve Dixon wrote: A couple of weeks ago I bought a small sword 
     called "Ruby Mellon Sword" from my LFS.  The scientific name listed 
     was Echinodorus Barthii.>>
     I also bought a specimen identified as this recently. The leaves were 
     fairly small and very dark. It also had a common name of "Black 
     Sword". There was a lighter midrib and two lighter veins which seem to 
     all originate at the apex where the leaf and stem join. The largest 
     leaf is perhaps 3" but I've no idea if this is a mature plant. Many 
     swords seem to get much larger given fertile conditions and good 
     light. The Baench atlas picture and description of E barthii was quite 
     different so I'm curious if I have the right identification. Perhaps 
     this is a darker variety? Olga, is this what you got?
     I couldn't get any E osirus but I did get a dark variety of E 
     horemannii (common name "Red Sword") which is very striking! While I 
     was there I also bought two new Crypts: C blassii (large dark leaves) 
     and C nurii (small mottled leaves).
     Anyone in the Vancouver area can visit Noah's Pet Ark which has an 
     excellent variety of plants.
     Steve P   (Vancouver of course)