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I've been doing the Yeast CO2 method for 9 months now and want to go the bottled CO2 route for more control.  I've read a lot from the Krib and others and have a couple of questions.  

I went to the friendliest welding shop I could find via the phone to try out a CO2 regulator (Victor brand but didn't get model #) they sold.  It had a tank presure guage and a flow meter (like seen in hospitals) on it.  The output was adjusted via a 1/2 knob on the side of the unit.  It also comes with 8' of hose for around $100US.  They were kind enough to let me hook it up and see what kind of control I could get with it.  I found I could get it down to 1 large bubble every 3 or 4 seconds which should be OK but it took very little movement on the knob (1 mm) to go from this rate to 3 bubbles per seconds.  Also the valve did get cold very fast as expected so I wasn't able to tell if temperature affected the output.  Also CO2 tank presure is affected by room temperature and I don't know if this type of valve is affected by tank presure (and the guy helping me didn't either).  And the one they let me play with was returned because the flow meter leaked so it didn't work so I couldn't tell it's sensitivity.

So I wonder if people are using this type of regulator (without a pH controller ) with success or not.

Also I've read a lot of good things about the NuPro needle valve.  Can I use this needle valve by itself or would I have to get something to reduce the presure before it for good results?  Does it have a tank presure guage?

Thanks for any help.

Don Griffes
dgriffes at coresoft_com