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Sandpoint Cable Heating System

sealaw at nela_org (Macon Cowles) wrote:

>If you have a Sandpoint Accurate 1 Cable Heating System, I need to talk to
>you.  I bought one used, but without the instructions, and I cannot figure
>out how to increase the temperature.  And I understand that Sandpoint is no
>longer in business.

I Do! In fact, I'd like to sell mine too for $45 dollars OBO if
anyone is interested (New it was $120, I got a larger tank so
I use a Dupla cable now).

Anyway, if it's the same one I have, you can't adjust temperature.
The idea is it's always on thereby keeping the substrate a constant
couple of degrees above the water column by suppling a steady 35
watts or so. This temperature gradient is intended to facilite nutrient 
circulation to roots via convection. I found mine worked pretty well.
Note, at 35 watts, it's not intended as a primary heat source; you'll
still need a regular heater.

One more note, I found the mounting cups included with it next
to worthless (I don't even have them anymore). I ended up mounting
mine to an UGF plate (no lift tubes since I didn't use the UGF action)
and that worked pretty well. 

Tim Mullins - Pittsburgh