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Tank Brace

"A friend of mine has a 125 gallon tank that the 1/2" glass brace that 
holds the top center of the tank together split when a halogen light was 
placed on it.  The tank did start to bow out in the center so he duct 
taped it and later removed some water to reduce presure.  It doesn't look 
like removing the brace and replacing it would be very easy.  So he is 
thinking of putting another 1/2" plate on top of the cracked/busted piece 
and siliconing them together."

Don, I'm a little behind with my reading so if you've already solved 
your friends tank problem that's great but it not maybe this will help. I 
had a similar problem a couple of years ago and had a plastics shop make 
me a brace that I could slip over the tank...it basically consisted of a 
strip of acrylic the width of the tank with extra pieces joined at the 
ends...sort of like small blocks on each end...this "brace" spanned the 
width of the tank and kept the tank from bowing. I had an extra brace 
made...12" wide and if your friend can use it, he can have it for the 
cost of shipping it to him. Just let me know....
Dan Cole, Mail Order Pet Supplies
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