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Re: Vallis

Sparrow wrote:

> Are V. tortifolia and V. spiralis totally different plants or subspecies?
> I have V. spiralis  (the staight type) growing like a weed, 40" long, runners
> etc etc. (after only a couple of months) My V. tortifolia (corkscrew) OTOH,
> not seem to grow very much at all. Any ideas as to the cause?

I have V. tortifolia for about a year.  The plant seems to exhibit some
growth/dormant cycle.  It growths great for couple of months and then
slows down.  When it growths, it sends out runners everywhere.

About trimming vallniseria.  The maximum height of my V. totifolia is
about 10".  So there is never a need for me to trim it vertically.
However, my rosy barbs love to nibble at the plant's tips.  About 1/3
of the tips are damaged but it does not seem to cause any problem.  So
I suspect unless the plant is already weaken for other reasons, trimming
it from the top should not be a problem.