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give up?

Hi all!
I am thinking on giving up with my 30 liters (7 gal) hex tank. I have
under gravel filter, a power filter (the little Penguin with bio-wheel)
and I do water changes once a week (30% aprox) I try to not over-food my
fish (2 angelf. & 5 neon that are going great!) But, cyano is beginning
and I have most plants covered with brown algae. I have a 50 watts
halogen lamp. PH is always above 7 (7.2-7.4) and I can not lower it. I
don't have CO2 system. My Vallisnerias are not going well(I should say
were not).
Temp is about 27 C (80 F)
Is there any way to fix this problem? I will increase water changes for
the next days.
Thank for any kind of help. (Even suggestions like "buy plastic plants")
Jerome, from the algae covered Buenos Aires.
Icom at CYBL_COM