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Plant nutrients-an alternative to PMDD

 Macon Cowles wrote
> I have been attentive to the various posts on PMDD, but I don't want to
> fart around with the mixing and the titration and the building of copper
> levels inherent in the current recipe and all that.
> So I want to pass along a tip that Karen Randall kindly gave me which
> anyone who feels as I do and who has US$12 may wish to try.  Buy Tropica
> Mastergrow from http://www.marine-monsters.com.  That amount plus US$6
> shipping per order will buy 250 ml of a trace element mixture that covers
> what is needed and yet which is devoid of copper.

I have been using  Flourish (<$5-250ml) and I believe I am getting 
good results with  it. It has trace elements including iron, calcium, 
magnesium and potassium.  For a 50gal tank 1-2ml once or twice a week 
is the recommended dosage. To simplify the additions I diluted it so 
I could just add 5ml a day.  In addition to the Flourish I am adding 
KNO3 to control the nitrate level.  I started making these additions 
a few weeks after setting up a new 55g tank.    I was a 
little reluctant to start adding nitrate to it after seeing the 
nitrate levels drop to barely detectable levels. I very slowly 
increased dosage levels until I reached about 2ppm at which point the 
slowly increasing presence algae seemed to stabilize. I'm still being 
very cautious with the nitrate additions because I don't have a lot 
of confidence in my nitrate test kit.

> As for Marine Monsters, their web page is dynamite, .....

I agree -  this is a great site.  I haven't bought anything from them 
yet but it has a lot of useful information and they update it 
several times a week
Jim Spencer   Sayre, PA
jrs at cyber-quest_com