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Water Changes

To:  Karen Randall


Either over on the Compuserve Aquaria/Fish Forum or in back issues of The
Aquatic Gardener (which I've been reading) or both, you've said that you
believe that if you changed water in your aquaria twice a week rather than
once a week, you would get even better growth.

Why do you suppose that would be the case?  Tropica MasterGrow has various
trace elements in addition to K and Mg?  Do you suspect that your (rather)
hard mains water has some other beneficial substances, that you would be
eliminating waste products or allelopathic compounds, or something else?

I've made water changing very easy for my setup.  I can change RO/DI or San
Francisco mains water (which is fairly soft and has quite a large variety
of trace elements) quite easily.  I haven't gone beyond 35%-50% water
changes weekly, but would (and could keep the task to just a few minutes)
if there was a reason?

Best regards, Steve Dixon