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Re: Pruning Vallisneria

>Khew Sin Sun wrote, April 26:

>Speaking about Vals,does one just trim the longs leaves to get them
>shorter? Or would u have to remove the leaves from the crown level? I
>noramally cut off the extra long leaves of my Val Giganteas from the top
>but notice some leaves rotting away after some weeks of cutting.
>Is this the correct way of pruning Vals?

Vals are not well suited for pruning because, as you observed, cutting the
leaves often causes them to die back.  It is much better to try to select a
variety that is the proper size for your tank.  Val gigantea is going to
produce leaves more than two meters long.  Most other varieties of Val are
smaller.  There is one variety of Val. americana that has spiral leaves 10
cm. to, at most, 20 cm. long.

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