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Plant nutrients-an alternative to PMDD

I have been attentive to the various posts on PMDD, but I don't want to
fart around with the mixing and the titration and the building of copper
levels inherent in the current recipe and all that.

So I want to pass along a tip that Karen Randall kindly gave me which
anyone who feels as I do and who has US$12 may wish to try.  Buy Tropica
Mastergrow from http://www.marine-monsters.com.  That amount plus US$6
shipping per order will buy 250 ml of a trace element mixture that covers
what is needed and yet which is devoid of copper.

Another piece of valuable information from Karen for people just starting
out with planted aquariums.  When will you need to start adding nutrient
supplements?  Karen says that it may be as early as two weeks after a Dupla
laterite in the substrate tank has been set up.  Here is my experience on
it:  you will want to start adding nutrients after the water clears of
algae in a newly set up tank.

As for Marine Monsters, their web page is dynamite, and here is the phone
info copied from the site:

"By Phone: you may call us at 617-494-8396 or 617-621-1374. Our office hours are
usually from 1pm to 10pm EST. Customers with technical questions should call in
after 4pm."

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