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Nutrient deficiencies

I was checking out some books hydroponics (because I had problems with my 
swords which rapidly developed dead leaves) and came across this reference. 
You may find it useful as an extension to Neil Frank's list of nutrient 

Stewart Kenyon, Hydroponics for the Home Gardener, Key Porter Books, 1992.

Element	Deficiency Sympton

Nitrogen	Small stunted plants with very large root systems; leaves smaller 
and lighter in
		colour than normal; slow growth. Paleness will start at the tips of the 
		leaves. If this deficiency continues, the foliage will continue to 
develop, but
		stems will be spindly, sappy and soft, flowering will be delayed,small 
fruit will
		grow and the plant will be more susceptible to disease.

Phosphorus	Stunted plants with dark, dull, and sometimes discoloured 
leaves, unusually
		hard stems, poor root system and very little branching. Attacks lower, 
		mature leaves first. Occurs especially when nitrogen level is low.

Potassium	In early stages, yellowing and curling of older leaves. Newer 
leaves will begin
		to droop. Older leaves then become blotchy and scorched. Flowers are
		lackluster, and stems are soft. The plants will be more susceptible to

Calcium		Underdeveloped roots are the first to be affected. Younger leaves 
will be
		immobile and their edges will curl. Plants will be stunted and have dark, 

Magnesium	Symptoms do not appear until the deficiency is well established. 
The plant will
		be stunted. Leaf veins will stay green while the remainder of the leaf 
turns 		yellow. Brow spots will appear and the the plant will dry out. 
Flowers will be
		slow to develop, if at all. Flowers that do grow will be lackluster.

Iron		Tips of new leaves will become either pale of yellow, and this will 
		inward. The leaf will likely turn blotchy from a lack of green pigment, 
		turning brown and drying out.

Manganese	Poor blooming, weak growth. Leaves may turn yellow or blotchy.

Boron		Brittle stems, and immobile new leaves with brown tips.

Zinc 		Growth will be stunted.

Mike Eckardt